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Thu, May 16


Ośrodek Wypoczynkowy "Jeziornik"

D8 - international run 1

a narrativist larp about communities in a post-apocalyptic world

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D8 - international run 1
D8 - international run 1

Time & Location

May 16, 2024, 8:00 PM GMT+2 – May 19, 2024, 12:00 PM GMT+2

Ośrodek Wypoczynkowy "Jeziornik", Jeziornik 2, 83-224 Borzechowo, Poland

About the event

D8 is a collectively crafted narrative by players about the lives of ordinary people after the apocalypse. It revolves around building communities, big or small, their highs, and lows. It explores what truly matters when the familiar world has become just a memory.

The game follows a TV series structure, consisting of multiple episodes - significant events in the characters' lives - without maintaining unity of time and place. Players decide which episodes they want to participate in, what experiences they seek, and how the story of their characters unfolds.

You can read some more about the event here:

What's included?

  • participation in the D8 larp and the preceding collaborative creation of characters, groups, and the D8 world
  • set design, props, and special effects, along with access to specialised FX makeup materials
  • logistical and technical support, scene management, and background character play by D8 crew members
  • photographic coverage of the larp and the organization of an available photo booth outside the game
  • three nights of accommodation at the "Jeziornik" Recreation Center
  • supper on day 1, three full meals on days 2 & 3, breakfast on day 4, covering most dietary restrictions
  • access to water, coffee, tea, and light snacks between scenes

Information about installment payments

Regardless of the price level you select, there is an option to pay in installments, to make the event more accessible. It is a manual process however, so we ask you for understanding.

When you buy a ticket in the store, choose the option to pay by bank transfer ("manual payment") - the ticket will be booked. Within 5 days we will send you an email with a four-month payment schedule. Pay the first installment (1/4 of the ticket price) within seven days of booking the ticket in the store, paying subsequent installments by wire transfer according to the schedule. Once we have registered each of the five payments, you will receive a confirmation from us, but only after you have paid in full will we send you an invoice and final confirmation entitling you to participate in the event.

If you cancel your participation in the larp before paying the full amount, you have two options: receive a refund of the money paid within the last month or transfer/resell the ticket reservation to another person who will continue to pay installments on the reserved ticket.

Failure to pay the installment as scheduled is equivalent to cancellation of participation in the larp. In case of cancellation on our part, you will receive a refund of the entire amount paid.

If you have any questions, email us:

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