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Zapisz się na larpa i zapłać wygodnie kartą płatniczą lub rozłóż cenę na miesięczne raty płacąc przelewem bez dodatkowych kosztów.

czw., 06 mar


Moszna Castle

Krystalivm: Horrors of War

the second chapter of a military trilogy about revolution in a dark world driven by war

Krystalivm: Horrors of War
Krystalivm: Horrors of War

Czas i lokalizacja

06 mar 2025, 16:00 – 09 mar 2025, 11:00

Moszna Castle, Zamkowa 1, 47-370 Moszna, Poland

O wydarzeniu

Krystalivm is planned as a complete trilogy, but one can join at any point, as each chapter is a self-contained story. If you want to join Project Firestarter, we have prepared a path that will let you jump straight into action. If you are already a part of Project Firestarter, be prepared to be surprised, as the second chapter will bring some more twists and challenges to your character’s journey.   

With Krystalivm, we want to tell an impactful story that touches on themes relevant to today and plays out in a world of our own making. Krystalivm focuses on topics and events, both large and small, as well as individual fates within a world torn apart by an endlessly-raging war.  You can read some more about the event on our website.

What’s included? 

  • an elaborate character with a background story, motivations, and character connections for the new players; 
  • character and world development briefings for the returning players;
  • taking part in plots, events and activities prepared by the organizers; 
  • scenography, props and special effects, access to basic make-up materials; 
  • logistics and technical service, background characters enhancing your play portrayed by Krystalivm crew; 
  • 3 nights in a shared or double room at Moszna castle, which will be exclusively booked for the larp; 
  • 8 meals prepared by the castle restaurant;
  • rental of part of your character’s uniform vest and side cap with the option to buy them before or after the game; 
  • photos from the larp and in-game portrait of your character taken by a professional photographer.

2 ticket types available! 

  • Standard ticket: spot in a shared room, 660 EUR 
  • Deluxe ticket: spot in a double room with private bathroom, 760 EUR  

During the purchase, you can choose a suitable ticket option: New Trooper if you want to play a new character or Returning Officer if you want to continue your character from the first chapter or a field mission taking place in November 2024. 


When you buy a ticket for Krystalivm: Horrors of War you will get the dedicated promo code with a 5% discount for Krystalivm: Voices in the Dark - field mission larp taking place in November 2024. When paying in installments we will prolong them so you will be able to pay for one ticket after the other.

Information about installment payments 

Regardless of the price level you select, you have the option to pay in installments to make the event more accessible. However, it is a manual process, so we ask for your understanding. 

Regardless of the price level you select, there is an option to pay in 5 installments to make the event more accessible. However, it is a manual process, so we ask for your understanding. When you buy a ticket in the store, choose the option to pay by bank transfer, and the ticket will be booked. Within four days, we will send you an email with a payment schedule and information on how to pay (by card with an additional fee or wire transfer). Pay the first installment within seven days within seven days of receiving the email, and subsequent installments according to the schedule. Once we have registered each of the five payments, you will receive an invoice from us, but only after you have paid in full will we send you a confirmation entitling you to participate in the event.  

If you cancel your participation in the larp before paying the full amount, you have two options: receive a refund of the money paid within the last month or transfer/resell the ticket reservation to another person who will continue to pay installments on the reserved ticket. Failure to pay the installment as scheduled is equivalent to cancellation of participation in the larp. In case of cancellation on our part, you will receive a refund of the entire amount paid.

If you have any questions or if you want to transfer your reserved ticket to someone else, please write to


  • Standard ticket

    Zakończenie sprzedaży: 31 lip, 23:59

    the standard ticket gives you a spot in a shared room for 3-6 people with a private or shared bathroom

    660,00 €
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  • Deluxe ticket

    Zakończenie sprzedaży: 31 lip, 23:59

    the deluxe ticket gives you a spot in a double room for 2 people with a private bathroom

    760,00 €
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